Real Estate Law

Urban Act Avocats work with real estate professionals, developers, builders, landlords, users or shopkeepers, taking into account all the specificities of their sector.


We advise sellers and buyers in the acquisition of real estate assets. Our advisory role is to organize and facilitate to give the necessary impetus to finalise the transaction as quickly as possible.

Our missions

  • Transaction structuring: we define with our clients the legal and tax* structuring of their investment (asset deal or share deal);
  • Audit of the asset: we identify and analyse the rental, urban planning and tax risks of the real estate asset, then we submit appropriate solutions to you in an audit report to limit this risk, either as part of the pre-acquisition or post-acquisition transactions;
  • Negotiation and drafting of all the pre-contractual and contractual documentation of the transaction (letter of intent, offer letter, promise of transfer of securities, repetitive deed, proofreading of notarial deeds etc.);
  • Management of transactional disputes: breakdown of negotiations, refusal to proceed with the sale, implementation of liability guarantees.

    *We deal with tax matters with a reference lawyer specialising in property taxation.

Commercial Leases

We assist landlords and tenants in their rental management, whether in the choice of the most suitable rental agreement, the negotiation and drafting of the contract or during the course of the contract when disputes arise between the parties.

Our missions

  • Choice of contract, negotiation and drafting of rental agreements according to the purpose of the building and the use of the premises (shops, offices, warehouses, hotels, housing);
  • Management of the rental relationship: negotiation and drafting of lease amendments, review and renewal of the lease, assistance in setting the renewed rent;
  • Transfer of business and lease law: auditing the lease, liaising with the various parties involved (lessors, co-ownerships, town halls, banks), negotiating and drafting the transfer contract;
  • Rental disputes: contesting the re-invoicing of charges, the procedure for setting eviction compensation, termination, amicable or judicial.


We advise co-owners and syndics in the day-to-day management of the co-ownership.

Our missions

  • Structuring and setting up the contractual environment for dematerialised trustees;
  • Assistance in obtaining authorisations to change use and authorisations to rent furnished tourist accommodation;
  • Cancellation of resolutions of a general meeting of co-owners;
  • Contestation of co-ownership charges;
  • Assistance in expert appraisal operations.

Business cases

  • We advise a leading outlet group, in the negotiation and drafting of commercial and/or derogatory leases with the brands of each shopping centre operated by the outlet group. Urban Act Avocats has also recently updated the statutes of the associations of shopping centre merchants to adapt them to dematerialisation processes.