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Urban Act Avocats was created in September 2020 by Valentine Gros and Laetitia Bô to meet the diverse expectations of all real estate players: 

👉traditional actors (hoteliers, restaurant owners, traders, retailers): the firm offers them support in both advice and litigation before the civil, commercial and administrative court.

👉innovative real estate companies(Proptech) whose activities (coliving, coworking, new uses) aim to promote the multi-use of buildings and the optimization of living spaces and require appropriate and tailored support due to existing legal tools that are not always adapted.

With the aim of offering a specific response to our clients, particularly on issues related to urban planning law, Jessica Jouan joined Laetitia and Valentine in November 2022. 


Technical focus

Urban transitions


The three partners of Urban Act Avocats are particularly interested in the evolution of cities and emerging urban practices.
They share a vision of the city and its space, nourished by their respective experiences abroad: United States, Vietnam, England.

They have developed a comparative approach to the various innovations deployed in saturated cities, which are called upon to reinvent themselves to offer their inhabitants and users qualitative living conditions.

Laetitia, Valentine and Jessica, with their experience and understanding of the real estate sector, offer concrete answers to the specific situations of their clients.