We advise developers, investors and operators in analysing the feasibility of their real estate projects concerning the regulation of urban planning and construction law. We also help owners to initiate the energy transition and help them organise their long-term action plan to optimise the energy performance of buildings.

Our missions

  • Analysis of the feasibility of an operation concerning town planning rules and the measures to be taken: evolution of town planning documents, methods of submitting town planning authorisations, constraints resulting from other regulations;
  • Assistance in matters of use: a legal analysis of the use of the premises, searches, contracts of transfer of commerciality, filing of authorisation for change of use;
  • Constructability: conversion of commercial or professional premises into housing, conversion of residential premises into commercial premises (building rights, derogations from social mix easements);
  • Density: rules relating to the right-of-way, the height of buildings, obligations in terms of the creation of parking spaces, derogations from social mix easements;
  • Energy transition: compliance with the new rules (particularly on the energy performance of buildings).

Business cases

  • A property asset management company asked us to be able to evaluate the future stages of the energy renovation of buildings (housing and tertiary sector). We therefore drew up and drafted a summary document on the future major challenges/stages in the development of renewable energy sources in existing buildings.