New Uses

We assist lessors, investors, promoters and operating companies in understanding the risks and legal issues related to the development of their projects. We advise them in the contractual structuring of new modes of land use, applying existing regulations where possible and proposing sui generis contracts in the event of a legal vacuum.

Our missions

  • Structuring of the operating model and choice of the legal regime: analysis of the mode of operation, the nature of the services provided, the target group of users and the duration of the contracts envisaged;
  • Compliance with building law, town planning law, co-ownership law and special regulations (e.g. in the residential sector: rent guidelines, amounts of sublet rents, main residence status, payment of state housing subsidies, etc.);
  • Legal set-up and development of the contractual environment: selection and drafting of lessor-operator / operator-user contracts, occupancy agreements, property management mandates, service provision contracts, etc.;
  • Tax arrangements*: tax aspects of the structuring, applicability of VAT to rents and services, problems with the application of tourist tax, etc.

    *We deal with tax matters with a reference lawyer specialising in property taxation.

Business cases

  • In the current context of housing shortages and rental vacancies in commercial or service sector premises, we assisted a company wishing to convert office space into housing and thus return the building to its original purpose.